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Stro News

The Stro is now accepting Indy Bookings from Promoters.
Please email Stro Enterprises at

NEWS for the week of March 30-April 4th

Congradulations to the Stro for becoming a two-time NWA-Mountain State Heavyweight Champion!

The official trailer to the upcoming movie "12-24" starring Tiffany Shepis, Devanny Pinn, and the Stro!
For mor information, go to

NEWS for November 3rd 2008

Meet former WCW and current TV, Film, and NWA-MSW star
Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling"
along with other stars of NWA-MSW at a special fan autograph signing from 2:30pm to 5 pm est. inside the Pizza Hut restaurant located off of 107 State Street in Hinton, WV this Saturday Novemeber 8th! For more information and directions, call at: (304) 466-0245

Stro is set to star in the upcoming horror film "Deader Country" which is set for release in 2009. Whilst wagging school, two teenagers stumble across a strange hybrid creature, a beast that is half man, half alien and ALL zombie, which has managed to make its way unseen across desolate countryside to the town of Pleasance. Upon nursing the mutated zombie back to health, the teens unwittingly unleash a deadly new plague of the undead on the town's populace. Now with a conscience and accompanied by a small group of eccentric locals, Orion is back to help battle the second legion of zombies. However, he is soon to discover a startling revelation that will alter the very fabric of his existence… The film is a sequel to Dead Country (2008), which is currently available to buy worldwide on DVD through Midnight Releasing. Also starring: Ted V. Mikels (Cult director of "Corpse Grinders", "Astro-Zombies"), Venesa Talor (Star of "Femalien" and Charles Bands "Blood Dolls"), Andrew Merkelbach ("Dead Country") and Sara Karloff (Daughter of horror legend Boris Karloff). The films produced and directed by Andrew Merkelbach. And here's the link for the films official myspace page:
IMDB info on "Deader Country":

Stro is currently accepting bookings both national (U.S.) and international. To book The Stro for: TV and Film Commercials Appearances Pro Wrestling Autograph Signings School functions Public Speaking Endorsements Conventions Fanfests Charities Interviews Commentary Voice Overs Seminars and all other inquiries, contact at or (910)-381-8503 (Serious Inquiries only )

News Stro Flip Mino's and other Stro merchandise for all ages are on sale now at Stro's merchandise website:

New Stro T-shirts (choose from a variety of colors) are now on sale online at Stro's merchandise website!
You can go check them out at:

PWI Online

Congradulations to The Stro for making this year's 2008 PWI Top 500 wrestlers in the world! The magazine (cover shown above) will be out on newsstands August 19th.

Congradulations to the Stro for being inducted in the ACPW 2008 Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame!

The upcoming horror movie "12-24" starring Tiffany Shepis , Scot Davis, Sam Nicotero, Devanny Pinn, Jimmy Sapienza and pro wrestler Rob “Stro” Kellum, among others is set to make it's premier around Christmas time this year. It is being produced by Gargoyle Entertainment and you can go to their website at: An article about the movie is featured on




Hello everyone! Wanted to let you all know that new Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling" T-shirts, mousepads, clocks, and more are on sale now at Stro's merchandise website:



Congratulations to the Stro for making no. 461 on this year's 2006 Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top 500 professional wrestlers in the world. This magazine, with John Cena on the cover, is on sale in newsstands now. 

JULY 2006

New Stro Column posted for July 2006

JUNE 2006

New Stro Column posted for June 2006

MARCH 2006

Former WCW star The Stro recently did an interview with 

Stro has a weekly segment entitled "The Stro Report" on the show every Wednesday from 6 to 9 pm est. For more information, go to the website at:

The brand new Stro black t-shirt is on sale now!

New Stro Column just published for March 2006, click here.


New Photo Galleries  
Three new photo galleries added to the website
Photo Gallery 8  |  Photo Gallery 9  |  Photo Gallery 10

Some matches of the Stro are on sale at
New Generation Wrestling featuring old school, new school, and ladies action! Features special Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. Midnight Express! Plus Jimmy Valiant, Bobby Fulton, The Barbarian, George South, Chris Hamrick, The Stro, Krissy Vaine and more! Commentary by Les Thatcher!   

WFP's "Night of Superstars 4 DVD". Huge night of action from Waynesboro, Virginia featuring Jerry Lawler, Roddy Piper, The Steiner Brothers, Bob Orton Jr., Bill Dundee, Dusty Rhodes, The Stro, Al Snow, and many more!
Special appearances by The Steiner Brothers, Nikita Koloff, and Dave & Earl Hebner Commentators Bill Apter and Danny Paris Lots of backstage interviews/promos
WFP's "Night of Superstars 3" DVD. Huge night of action from Waynesboro, Virginia featuring The Midnight Express, The Fantastics, Road Warrior Animal, Rick Steiner, The Stro,  Magnum TA, Kamala, Dusty Rhodes, and more!
New Generation Wrestling featuring old school and new school action athe the Spindale House in Spindale, North Carolina. Featuring: Lex Luger, RIck Steiner, Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey, The Stro, Barbarian, Tracey Smothers, Tom Pritchard, Masked Superstar, Tully Blanchard, Chris Hamrick and more!  2 camera shoot with announcers Les Thatcher and Danny Paris.

Stro in Pro Wrestling Illustrated
The Stro and "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff are featured in the February 2006 edition of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine with WWE champion John Cena on the cover that is on sale in newsstands and book stores now!

Stro wins TV title.
Stro defeated Naudia in an "I Quit" match for the third and deciding fall to become a two time ACPW TV champion.

Stro on new DVD:
ACPW's Nov. 12th Legends show DVD featuring Ivan Koloff, Barbarian, Mr. Hughes, Rick Steiner, Stro formerly Maestro, and much more is  now on sale at

Stro in new book:
Stro is mentioned in Jimmy Valiant's new autobiography book entitled "“Woo….Mercy Daddy!  Welcome to my World.” which is out in book stores now. 
Jimmy Valiant's website:

Latest News Archives:

Check out the new Stro mailing stamps are now on sale!

The Stro Talks Legends, TNA and More!
Webmaster Wade recently sat down with former WCW superstar The Stro for an interview, the fifth interview with Stro on W-W. The Stro talked about his upcoming legends shows, ring psychology, some upcoming non-wrestling projects he has and so much more!

Congratulations to the Stro for winning the Mason Dixon Wrestling (MDW) heavyweight title and facing tough challenges from former WCW/WWE legends like the Barbarian and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. 

Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina 
Hurricane 2005 Relief and other Related Events: 
Victims of Hurricane Katrina are attempting to recover from the massive storm that is still making its way across the Mid-Atlantic States. American Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to the hardest hit areas of Katrina’s destruction, supplying hundreds of thousands victims left homeless with critical necessities. By making a financial gift to Hurricane 2005 Relief, the Red Cross can provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need.'s new forum has made a special section dedicated to the fans of Stro:

Congratulations to the Stro for ranking 275 in this year's 2005 PWI Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine's top 500 wrestlers in the world.

Stro Interviews
New Stro interviews can be seen at the following:
Gaming Ring Radio

Stro on NODQ media show

Fax Number: 270-782-8713

Stro formerly Maestro of WCW will be appearing on an episode of "One Tree Hill" on the WB channel in their new season in April. Check local listings for time and channel. 

Congratulations to the Stro for recently winning both the ACPW and RWC heavyweight championships.

Stro Ranks with PWI!
Congratulations to The Stro, formerly Maestro of WCW, for ranking 292 of PWI's  Magazines top 500 wrestlers in the World! 

Stro Merchandise Sale!
call to order at : 1-877-809-1659
To view great Stro merchandise, visit the website at
Also check out Stro's other merchandise website at:

When you are on the chat program select groups, then Pal Talk Radio, and then enter The New Era of Wrestling Radio chat audio forum. You can listen to The Stro's segment every week on the archives if you miss the show live at on the radio program's page or directly at.

Stro recently conducted a special interview that you can check out on   Go to the link below to read.

Congratulations to the Stro for recently winning the CREW heavyweight championship for the second time May 8th in Williamston, North Carolina!

New Stro merchandise on sale
Three new Stro items are on sale now! The new "Strozilla" Dog T Shirt, new Stro toy Bunny, and the new "Team Stro/ Strong Tough Rough One" shirt . To view these items and more Stro merchandise, click on the Stro Merchandise website below.
To order , call 877-809-1659
7am - 5pm (PST) Monday-Friday

Stro formerly WCW's Maestro will be appearing on an upcoming episode of "One Tree Hill" on the WB (Warner Brothers) channel. He plays the role of a bouncer in the club scene. Check your local listings for time and channel. 

Check out the latest Stro interview in The Rant of the Week column on

Catch Stro every Friday night at 9 pm est. for the indy report and the latest with him on the New Era of Wrestling Radio is every Friday night from 8:00pm to 10:00pm EST on the Pal Talk Radio Network.

Holiday Stro items are on sale now! Check out all the latest Stro merchandise here

Stro makes the 2003 PWI 500:
Congradulations to Stro for ranking 335 in this year's 2003 Pro Wrestliing Illustrated's Top 500 Wrestler rankings in the world! The 2003 PWI 500 edition is currently on sale in newsstands now!

Congratulations to Stro/formerly WCW's Maestro for winning the SCW World Title this past Saturday night, July 19th, in Jackson, Ohio! This will make his fourth title this year! 

Stro to have new net/radio show!
Stro/formerly WCW's Maestro will be hosting his new worldwide wrestling radio/internet program on the Pal Talk Network starting this Tuesday Night July 8th from 8 pm to 9pm Eastern Standard Time entitled "Stro's Pro Wrestling Talk" in the Sports and Hobbies section. Fans can type in the chat and ask questions about The Stro,WWE,NWA-TNA, and other wrestling organizations around the globe! Check out for more information.

Booking websites to book the Stro are and

Catch the Stro on WWAY TV out of Wilmington, North Carolina every Friday night at 12:30 am for ACCW (Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling)

Monday Night Chat with The Stro!
Join The Stro every Monday night after Raw to discuss the current state of the WWE product and many other wrestling topics.  Click here for chatroom info.

Don't miss the June issue of Subversia Magazine because we have an exclusive interview with former WCW star, THE STRO! The Stro has been heard on ITVR Radio and he sits down for a one on one interview Subversia's own Chris Dempsey! The Stro talks about the start of his career, his stay in WCW, what he thought about the 'backstage politics' there, what he's got in store for the future and much more! Only on

ITVR Radio is proud to have former WCW super-star THE STRO as a regular to the broadcast! If you heard our first go-around, you know The Stro loves to talk all about the business, and this time around will be no different! Find out what he's been up, his thoughts on the latest developments in wrestling, and of course, we'll be taking YOUR questions as well! So catch ITVR every tuesday at 10:30 pm est. to hear Strozilla live!

Check out the latest Stro interview here at the B.E.E.R website! He talks about Gorgeous George,the latest B.E.E.R. Pa show, WCW, and more!

Stro (formerly Maestro of WCW) has a small article with an old picture of him in a new wrestling book entitled "The Encyclopedia of Professional Wrestling" by Kristian Pope and Ray Whebbe Jr.. The book has a picture of WWF star The Rock on the cover. So go to your nearest book store and get your copy now!

Also for you lycos users, The Stro has a new fan club!

The Stro School of Wrestling now Open!

Merchandise: New Personally Autographed Photos Available!

10/20/00: The Stro presented an award from the BASES (Businesses Assisting Schools in Educating Students) which honors businesses and organizations who have achieved "Major League", "All Star" or " Hall of  Fame" status as a contributor to the Onslow County School System. The Stro made his column debut for Lords Of Pain ( entitled " The STRO Files"

4/28/00: The Maestro  Official Press Release regarding his release from WCW

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Lords Of Pain:

Message from The Stro

Hello everyone! Welcome to my brand new website. I would like to thank each and everyone of you that have supported me thru the years and wanted to give you all my sincere best. I hope you guys have fun with this site for it is a site that is informative and also is for your enjoyment. So enjoy and thank you very much for supporting The Stro!
Take care and GOD bless!

Enjoy your stay, and thanks for visiting!

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