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"Words from Strozilla" 
column by Stro formerly WCW's Maestro 
October 2005

"Grappling with Legends"

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I have written a column online due to handling other committments and being on the road. But I'm back once again with the "WFS" keeping all my fans and friends informed with the happenings and thoughts from my world. 

I will be a part of two big legends shows coming up within the next couple of months. Both ironically are in six man tag team matches. So let me tell you all a little about each. 

First, I will be returning to Ward Family Promotions this year for their annual Night of Superstars event to benefit the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital in Waynesboro, Virginia October 29th. A packed line-up including "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Jerry "The King" Lawler,Dusty Rhodes, Bob Orton Jr., Bill Dundee, Al Snow, Jimmy Valiant, and many others. I will be involved in a six man tag team match teaming with fellow Team USA members "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas and Ranger Ross against "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff and the Russian Army. This will be my very first time teaming with both Atlas and Ross, so this should be a real treat. Several years ago, Tony Atlas and I feuded all over the country. So to be teaming with him for the first time will be special. A historical night for a great cause. To check out more on this big event, you can go to the WF Promotions website at

Then I will be part of a big ACPW pro wrestling event titled "Legends Night" Novemeber 12th in Lakewood High School in Salemsburg, North Carolina. Huge night for ACPW with such legends as The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey), Ricky Morton, George South, and Rick Steiner. I will be involved in a six man tag team match teaming up with former WCW/WWE legend The Barbarian. Barbarian and I have had some wars in the ring. Rarely have we been part of the same team, so I am really looking forward to having the big man in my corner. Before this event, myself and my "USA United Soldiers of America" partner in ACPW ,Tre G, have a opportunity to win the ACPW tag team championships from the ACPW tag team champions East Coast Bodily Harm Saturday October 22nd in lakewood High School. So it would very cool to walk into Legends Night November 12th as ACPW tag team champions. For more information on ACPW's Legends Night, go to

Speaking of ACPW, a few of the Stro School alumni has been doing very well there. KC McKnight has been a fighting ACPW TV champion facing all challenges including this year alone wrestling with Dusty Rhodes, Larry Zybysko,C.W. Anderson,and Steve Corino. Brandon "The Shooter" Maretti recently won the annual 2005 Sam E. Gilbert Cup Tournament and has held the ACPW cruiserweight title. J. Steele has had a great year forming a successful team with Maretti as well as even having his own talk show in ACPW "The Patriotic Moment". Drake recently made his debut and has formed a popular tag team with Josh Hunter. The "Queen of Pain" Naudia recently made her return to the ACPW arena coming back from an ankle injury. She looks stronger than ever with her power and submission style. 

Will be doing a few episodes for a new TV series to come out on Fox in the near future. Will keep you all informed as soon as more develops. 

Tales from the Lair 

It was 1997 and I was on a flight with Jake Roberts heading towards Mexico City, Mexico for AAA. The whole time he was ribbing me about having a snickers candy bar and eating it in front of me cause he knew I was hungry. So eventually he fell asleep laying his soda on the foldout tray in front of him and laying his snickers bar in the seat next to him. So when we landed, I grabbed the snickers bar and yelled "Wake up Jake!". He woke up startled and spilt his drink all over him. he then turned around to see me eating his snickers bar and take off. He went to run after me down the aisle of the plane not realizing the movie monitors were still down from the ceiling. He accidentally bumps his head against one of them knocking him off his feet. The scene was so funny, I fell to the floor laughing. He got up laughing holding his head saying " Ok, you got me." 

Stro Mailbox 

Enjoyed watching your match with the Barbarian in Dunn, North Carolina. Will you two be wrestling again soon? 
Dunn, North Carolina 

Stro: Yes we will November 12th, only this time on the same team. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Waynesboro again this year. You had a great match last year. 
Roanoke, Va. 

Stro: Looking forward to see you and all the great fans there again as well. Come to the show and help cheer team USA on! 

With the Monday Night Wars starting again with TNA and WWE, who do you think will win and who would you wrestle for? 
Manchester, UK 

Stro: Well when opportunity knocks, never say never. As far as the competition with the programming goes, it's still too early to tell who will have the most longevity even though WWE is so far the obvious elder.

To write feedback for the mailbox section of the Words from Strozilla column, email to: Let me hear from you! 

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To book Stro formerly WCW's Maestro for appearances, autograph signings, seminars, or for your pro wrestling event, email at:

To help out the Red Cross with the victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita, go to: or call 1-800-HELP-NOW 

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Thank you guys for taking the time to read my column.  Please remember our brave men and women soldiers who are over in the middle east. You all take care of  yourselves and GOD bless! 

Stro/formerly WCW's Maestro 
"Nobody can go toe to toe with the Stro!" 

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Enjoy your stay, and thanks for visiting!

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