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The Undertaker To Return To The Darkside?

By Harold Williams
(August 1, 2001)

Ever since Diamond Dallas Page made his presence known in the World Wrestling Federation, he has been constantly getting the upper hand in his feud with the CEO of Deadman Inc., The Undertaker.

This isn't the first time that someone has entered the WWF and targeted The Undertaker, attempting to immediately make their mark. Kane, Mankind, Vader, Giant Gonzalez, and the Executioner are all men who had entered the WWF intending (and failing) to make a name for themselves by eliminating The Undertaker.

However, Diamond Dallas Page has gone one step further than those who have come before him. Rather than simply defeating The Undertaker in matches, or sneak attacking him during a feud, Page has been provoking The Undertaker by hurting him in one way that no other has- by harming The Undertaker's wife, Sara.

So far, we have seen Diamond Dallas Page violate Sara's privacy, grab her and tear out a chunk of her hair, put Sara out of commission with a "Diamond Cutter", and most recently, pull her into the line of fire of a chairshot by The Undertaker, causing her to get blasted in the back by her own husband.

Every human being has a breaking point- a limit that is reached when they can take no more. How many times can a man bear to see his wife tormented by a madman, before he reaches that breaking point? Sooner or later, that point is reached, and when it is, the result is never a pretty sight. The anger that can no longer be suppressed is often expressed in some form that cannot be described in any other way than the word EVIL.

We have all seen how evil The Undertaker can become. When he first arrived in the WWF over 10 years ago, he dominated with the power of the darkside behind him. The spirit of evil dwelled within him so strongly, that in the late-90's, he even went as far as attempting to embalm Stone Cold Steve Austin alive, crucifying Austin, sacrificing Ryan Shamrock and Dennis Knight (Mideon), and creating the Ministry of Darkness, the most wicked faction in the history of the World Wrestling Federation.

Sure, The Undertaker now rides to the ring on a motorcycle, wears jeans, and is referred to as the "American Bad Ass"; but deep down, he is the same man who made his debut in 1990. In his own words, The Undertaker has stated that he is still, "down with the devil". His fans know that, and they hope to see proof of it in the near future. When The Undertaker used his dark persona, he would refer to his fans as his, "creatures of the night". The creatures are still there, and they impatiently await for The Undertaker to completely embrace the power of the darkside once more. Diamond Dallas Page may very well experience that in the near future, and if he does, he won't be able to claim that he "never saw it coming".

Enjoy your stay, and thanks for visiting!

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